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Michaela Skuban

Dipl. biol. Michaela Skuban

PhD student


PhD Project

  • Michaela Skuban is conducting a PhD study on wildlife ecology of bear, wolf and red deer in the Central Slovakian Mountains.
  • Her work focuses on the predator-prey interaction of these three large mammals in an agriculturally manages landscape. In project, radio equipped brown bears are followed to study their range of activity and the role of mammals and insects in the diet of brown bear.
  • A second project studies predator-prey interaction of bear, wolf, and red deer (testing the idea that choice of a safe feeding habitat can be more important for the survival under predation pressure than physical status of an individual).
  • Her work is co-supervised by Prof. Walter Arnold, University of Vienna, and Dr. Slvomir Findo, Slovak Academy of Sciences.
    Michaela Skuban has published a comprehensive book on natural history, ecology and mythology of brown bear in Europe.